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Weddings in York, Pennsylvania

Weddings in York, PA. Getting married in York, Pennsylvania

York is one of the more popular cities to get married in Pennsylvania. With over 20 wedding and event venues in York, there’s sure to be something that fits your wedding and your budget. Suppose you’re looking for affordable wedding ideas in York. In that case, there are plenty of ways to lower the cost without sacrificing anything meaningful about the day. This article will list the top wedding venues to get married in York, PA., popular wedding planners in York, and some of the talented wedding DJs. Before you book your wedding, check out these suggested wedding vendors. And of course, don’t forget to book our photo booth for your wedding!

Before we talk about wedding venues, wedding planners, and wedding DJs, let’s first answer the question: “Why should I have a photo booth at my wedding?”

Photo booths are often an overlooked element of weddings in York. However, photo booths can bring guests together and help create a lasting memory on your wedding day. Additionally, photo booths are an excellent way for you to capture memorable photos of the event that will be able to be shared with friends, family members, and co-workers later on. 

We offer plenty of styles if you’re looking for an affordable, unique photo booth option for your wedding day. If you want something fancy and elegant, check out our Enchanted Photo Booth Gazebo, which has won awards in York and Lancaster. One thing to remember is that everyone loves taking pictures. Hence, a photo booth rental is an excellent source of entertainment and a way to get many additional wedding pictures. Ask us how affordable renting a photo booth can be.

Top 10 wedding venues in York, Pennsylvania

  1. Stone Mill Inn
  2. Wyndridge Farm
  3. Heritage Hills Resort
  4. Cedar Ridge Farm
  5. Historic Ashland
  6. Historic Shady Lane
  7. The Bond
  8. Valencia Ballroom
  9. Bentley Farms
  10. Lakeview Farms

Best wedding planners in York, Pennsylvania

When it comes to weddings in York, Pennsylvania, wedding planning is a big deal. It takes time, patience, and creativity to pull off a wedding that your guests will remember forever. However, some people find it hard to organize the planning process independently or would instead prefer to manage the process with help. If you want to hire a wedding planner in York, PA, you’re in luck! 

Many different companies specialize in wedding planning and will help you manage your wedding from start to finish. From booking the venue to coordinating everything else, these experts can make sure the day goes smoothly and ends with a happy couple. These professionals can also coordinate vendors for an event that fits your budget and style. They’ll provide recommendations on how much it will cost and how long it will take them to plan your dream day. 

One of the best aspects of hiring a professional is that they often have relationships with other respected vendors and can help guide you on putting together a talented team of wedding professionals. Here are a few of our favorite wedding planners in York, Pennsylvania

  1. Taryn Blake Events
  2. Your Perfect Day
  3. Party Belles
  4. Gold Dust Galas
  5. Stylish Occasions Wedding and Event Planning
  6. Planned Perfection
  7. Hannah Elizabeth Events

Wedding DJs in York, Pennsylvania

Wedding DJs are a fun and easy way to add that extra something special to your wedding in York. The DJ’s music selection can hugely impact the reception, so it is essential to make sure you hire someone you connect with. The best wedding DJs in York, Pennsylvania, are affordable and offer great music options for any budget. We provide photo booth rentals for many of the area’s leading DJ companies.

  1. DJ Mast Productions
  2. Ross Productions
  3. Perfect Harmony Entertainment
  4. Scottunes DJ Services 
weddings in York, Pennsylvania are affordable and elegant