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top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding or event

Top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

When it comes to the top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding, many are surprised at the additional perks a photo booth rental offers beyond just candid photos. In today’s wedding world, a photo booth is a must-have. We summarize the top 5 reasons below.

1. A photo booth is a great way to help your guests mingle and socialize.

Photo booths have been a popular party favor for decades because they are inexpensive, fun, and memorable. Guests can use the photo booth to snap a picture with friends and family to take home as a memento of the occasion. In addition to photos, photo booths often include props that add some flair to the experience. Guests often enjoy pictures with friends and family they may not have seen in quite some time and ones they see every day. Everyone loves fun photos.

2. A photo booth serves as entertainment your guests will love

A photo booth is an entertainment service that will make your guests feel like they are a part of the event. They are fun for all ages and offer a source of fun where you will hear laugh after laugh. Folks love the props and seeing themselves in fun poses. We guarantee the booth area will filled with laughter! Photo booths provide unforgettable entertainment that your guests will rave about long after the wedding.

3. The photo booth captures candid photos of your big day that you can cherish forever.

A photo booth captures photos in ways a wedding photographer cannot. It captures you and your guests in a fun, witty, and lively manner. Having a photo booth at your wedding provides you with a gallery of so many photos that add to the memories of your big day. Imagine the hundreds of additional photos of you and your guests!

4. A photo booth provides a photo strip keepsake as a wedding favor

Photo booths are one of the most fun ways to commemorate a special event. They are becoming popular wedding favors because they provide guests with an inexpensive, customizable photo strip keepsake. Guests love being able to take photos with friends & family all in one place, in addition to being able to have their photos printed right away. Folks will display their photo strips for years, even decades after your big day. Think about how many times you have seen photo strips proudly displayed on refrigerator doors, desks, bulletin boards, and more.

5. A photo booth makes the perfect guest book for your wedding

There are a lot of reasons why a photo booth is the perfect guest book for your wedding. Guests get to leave you with a little piece of themselves via fun photos along with best wishes and congratulatory comments. As folks enjoy the photo booth, the company prints an extra copy of the photo strip and places it into a wedding guest book where guests leave their best wishes. A photo guest book certainly beats a boring signature-only book!

The top 5 reasons to have a photo booth – A way to mingle, super fun entertainment, tons of fun photos for YOU, wedding favors, and a guest book. A photo booth provides so much more than most people realize, and at such an affordable cost when considering all it brings to your big day.

If you would like to have the fun of a photo booth at your wedding, contacts us and let’s plan out something amazing. You will be surprised at how affordable and memorable a photo booth will be.