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our special fxphotobooths offers unique effects

Special FX Photo Booths

Photo booths have been a long-time source of entertainment and a way to capture memories with photo keepsakes. From the old-style arcade photo booths to today’s modern, sleek styles, they are a guest favorite. As with most things, as technology evolves, the photo booth evolves as well. Special fx photo booths and fx options tailor your wedding or event to your exact vision.


Special FX Photo Booths are often used to take the experience beyond just photos.

For example, an fx photobooth may use specialized equipment such as smoke machines, advanced lighting, and intricately staged props. Special FX Photo Booths might be used to capture a photo where lasers projected through a smoke cloud create an artistic theme and vibe as people pose for the camera. FX photo booths may use equipment that allows the camera to move around the subject, capturing 360-degree views, or perhaps a series of cameras for a matrix bullet-time style video clip.

Special FX Photo Booths usually are custom designed to the specific theme or style of event.

Shining Star Photo Booth has several technology partners that allow us to work with your event team to create a special fx photo booth that will bring your vision to life. From Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Hershey, Pennsylvania and places in between such as Elizabethtown, Lititz, Mount Joy, and Harrisburg, we bring the photo booth fun to everyone.

Our past special fx photo booth projects portfolio includes projection-mapped video overlays of the backdrops, Calligram and Emojigram mosaic collage-style photos, advanced green screen and Chromakey photography, and customized photo filters.

Below are a few examples of our recent work.

special fx photo booths in York, PA

Hand Drawn, Comic Designer Photos

Combining a traditional photo booth with a stylized look and filter that created the sense of a comic book style illustrated photo.

fx photo booth rental in Lancaster PA and Elizabethtown PA

Emoji-grams and Calligrams

A collage of fun emojis or words and phrases made up the photos of the guests for this event.

Green screen photo booth

Green Screen "Alternate Worlds" Photo Station

Themed green screen photos in a James Bond 007 vibe. Our green screen station served as the special agent armory for the event. Choose your weapon, pose for your secret agent ID.

advanced photo booth props

Physical Meets Virtual

Blending a staged retro music store setting with LP record jackets for posing gave this event a vibe from the 80s mall record store days.

costumed photo booth ideas

Themed Characters from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

Costumed characters helped celebrate May the 4th in a way only a Jedi would appreciate.

When you are looking to create an event, it’s important to have an idea of what your theme is going to be. The theme can be anything that interests you or your organization, or has meaning for the event. Your theme should also speak to the subject matter that will be discussed at the event.

Ideas for themes could come from popular culture, events in history, your company values and the values of the speakers – just about any source!

When the topic of the event is decided, it is important to choose a theme that offers an attractive concept. Themes are not just dramatic but also offer a great deal of detail. They provide the backdrop for whatever takes place at an event and they make for an unforgettable experience.

One way in which theme ideas for events can be generated is by looking at what natural natural occurrences or phenomena can be translated into themes. For example, one may want to create a tsunami themed event with underwater light effects and offer special foods that are associated with this type of cuisine. 

Let’s discuss how a photo booth can be part of your theme! Our creative team will have a number of ideas on how we can tailor and customize your photo booth experience to bring your guest into your theme and feeling it with every smile.