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Photo booth rental for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs

Tips on planning your mitzvah celebration

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How to plan a mitzvah celebration people will enjoy.

Congratulations! Your child has just finished eighth grade, and you know what that means…YAR, it’s time to celebrate their Bat or Bar Mitzvah! Now, while most kids might be excited about getting all dolled up and going to a party, your son or daughter might not be thrilled. Especially if they are the oldest child in the house and no one has ever celebrated a mitzvah with them before. 

Chances are you haven’t either because this is new territory for everyone. So how do you plan a celebration people will enjoy? This is where planning comes in. You need to remember that some of your friends might not know what a bat mitzvah is, so you should plan something that will appeal to everyone. Here are some great ideas for having fun with your family and friends during your gathering:

Top 5 games to play at a bat or bar mitzvah celebration.

Everyone loves a good party game. While music and dancing can fill the night in most cases, you will want to add a few fun group games to fire up the energy of the evening and get the kids excited. A professional mitzvah DJ will have a selection of games to play. Some of the most popular are:

  1. Simon Says.
  2. Coke or Pepsi .
  3. Guess Who?
  4. Pass the Salt
  5. Musical Chairs

Top 5 mitzvah party themes.

  1. Movie Themed
  2. Night Club Vibe
  3. Sports Themed
  4. Masquerade
  5. Hobby Inspired

Top 3 reasons to have a photo booth at a mitzvah party.

Not only will the photo booth be a great addition to your party, but it is also a creative way to show off your family’s personality. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

  1. Capture candid moments with friends and family
  2. Provides an excellent keepsake for guests
  3. Options to create a memories book with best wishes


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about planning a Mitzvah

How much does a photo booth cost for a bat or bar mitzvah party?

A typical bat mitzvah can run anywhere from $1500 upwards (we have seen mitzvah celebrations cost in the 5 figures!). So how much do you need? It really depends on how elaborate you would like it to be.

A simple gathering of friends and family to share a delicious meal at a modest venue can cost under $1500 if it is kept to a small group and held at a reasonably priced venue.

More elaborate celebrations that include live music entertainment, photographers, photo booth rental, candy bars, and meals can easily reach over $10,000.
The key is establishing a budget for the event and working with professional event vendors to ensure your celebration goes flawlessly.

How far in advance should I start planning a mitzvah party?

When planning any formal celebration, it is essential to remember that most event professionals book dates approximately 1 year in advance due to providing services for weddings. Fridays and Saturdays are prime dates for any event vendor, and they work to book those dates as soon as possible. Suppose you would like your celebration to be on a Friday or Saturday. In that case, we suggest you secure your event vendors as soon as you set the date and reserve the venue. Waiting until a few months before the big day will have you facing booked vendors.

Where can I find entertainment for my mitzvah party?

Entertainment is the key to any social gathering. To celebrate, you should plan a party with your closest friends and family. The time and place should be appropriate to keep the mood fun and happy. People will quickly forget the food and snacks, but they will long remember the good times.

A good DJ or band is a foundation for a fun night. But it does not stop there. Adding the fun of a photo booth for a mitzvah brings joy to a much higher level. A level your guests will love. And best of all, your child can create unforgettable memories with their friends and family, all captured in the photo booth.
We have you covered for the photo booth fun at your celebration.

For music, we suggest Ross Productions or DJ Mast Productions. Both offer top-notch musical entertainment.